Steamboat Springs Home Auction a Success!

Hi Everyone:

Well, we closed on the 5 Day Sale home auction of our Steamboat Springs duplex in May!

I am writing to express my appreciation to Kyle Cascioli and the entire team at Barrett & Associates for making the deal happen! We accomplished a prompt sale of a unique property at the true current market value. We did it in a difficult market – an especially difficult market for a higher priced home in a mountain community. I am extremely glad and grateful for your assistance in the Auction by Seller model to sell the Steamboat Springs home. I had a sense that the model was the best choice for my situation, and they proved me right!

I have an overall appreciation for your team, but please pass on my thanks to a couple of key individuals — first, for those who handled the technology and website management, it was excellent. I appreciate the “look” and presentation they gave my property. I was impressed with the updates and changes we could make to the website as the process progressed. I know that the site was widely publicized and you did far more than I could do to drive traffic to the site. I also appreciated having timely data on website traffic so we could adjust the marketing strategy along the way.

Second, Leslie was great to work with on the marketing plan and ad placement. I appreciate that we could strategize together and select the appropriate “target markets” for my property, in addition to the general on-line exposure. Leslie was creative, did a great job following up with contacts and getting us options and pricing, and keeping things on schedule with the advertisers. At the same time, I felt that I had input into the marketing plan and could use my dollars where they would have the greatest impact. In the end, the marketing strategy brought us the buyer, and was much more effective than the passive listing process.

Just as important, I appreciated Kyle’s guidance as the broker and manager of the “auction by seller” process. His overall strategy worked great. It proved very effective to implement the process according to his recommended timeline and steps. It was great to have his practical “tip sheets” and guidance during the property inspection process and auction event. Of course, once we had the interested parties identified, his advice was invaluable. I appreciate the way he managed the process to be welcoming to other agents, yet made it sensible and comfortable to the individual buyer. The way he helped us all through the negotiating and contracting process was exceptional. In the end, we had a quick, uncomplicated sale with price and terms that worked out well for all of us!

Compared to the typical listing process I had attempted with the property over the past 16 months, the Auction by Seller model was a Godsend. The overall cost was a bargain and implementation time took less than four months. The property was marketed and sold quickly with minimal disruption to the tenants, and the price clearly reflected the best available in the current market. I would recommend this model to anyone. It allowed me to quickly ascertain the current true market value of the property, kept me in control of the process, and created a quick sale at acceptable terms. Could not ask for more!

Best to all,

Jim Becker
Steamboat Springs, Colorado


About barrett9

Real estate academic and consumer advocate exploring new, online real estate auctioning strategies on luxury properties.
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